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From the fur-strewn keyboard of a Canadian living in the West of Ireland, this blog aims to share the lifestyle of a pet lover who embraces animals as an essential part of the family, and the ensuing fun, chaos and interesting smells that happen along the way! Peternal Instinct is the best term I could think of to describe a lifelong affinity and appreciation for animals, from someone who grew up experiencing easier communication and stronger relationships with pets rather than people.

An avid fan of greyhounds from a very young age, I am actively involved with the Irish charity HUG or Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds as a board member, foster home, webmaster and designer of all things promotional and can be found sporting the distinctive orange HUG gear at numerous pet events around the country. I am also part of the recently formed Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland, also known as GRAI, which was created to bring all of the various small dog rescue groups who deal with greyhounds in Ireland together to share resources and ideas as well as campaign for improved legislation of the racing industry and raise awareness of greyhounds as pets with the Irish public.

In my non-dog time, I am a graphic and web designer for the small company Envy Creative, where I design logos, brochures, books, magazines and websites all day long in order to buy important things like dog kibble, squeaky toys and scratching posts!